New Enhancements & Integrations for eGlycemic Management System Streamline Provider Workflows and Introduce Additional Guardrails for Safe and Effective Insulin Dosing


WALTHAM, MASS. (March 30, 2021) – Glytec, the only provider of insulin management software across the continuum of care, today introduced the latest version of its eGlycemic Management System® (eGMS), including enhancements and new integrations that reduce workflow friction for clinicians and further improve patient safety. These enhancements were developed in close collaboration with Glytec’s customers. More than 300 hospitals rely on Glytec to provide personalized dosing recommendations for the 38% of hospitalized patients – including those with and without diabetes – with hyperglycemia who require insulin therapy during their stay.

Glytec’s evidenced-based, FDA-cleared algorithm, Glucommander™, is the centerpiece of its eGMS and leverages real-time and historical data to recommend insulin dosing by learning each patient’s insulin sensitivity and anticipating future needs. Unlike paper protocols, sliding scale methods and digital insulin calculators, this results in a personalized treatment regimen that is proven to deliver dramatic reductions in hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, lengths of stay, readmissions and cost of care.

To date, more than 90 research studies have validated the safety and efficacy of Glytec’s insulin management software. With Glucommander’s Medication Confirmation and Order Integration release, Glytec is introducing enhancements and integrations that expand on and strengthen the company’s 15-year commitment to innovation and patient safety with new features. These features include:


  • Order set initiation. Glucommander now automatically receives initial parameters as ordered by the provider and displays this information when a nurse starts treatment. The order set integration saves time and reduces the possibility of transcription errors, which has benefits for patient safety and improves ease of use for nurses.
  • Medication dose confirmation. When Glucommander recommends a dose, the data is sent to the EMR flowsheet and displayed in the Medication Administration Record (MAR) where the nurse can view and chart the administration of the dose. The transaction is then sent back to Glucommander, confirming the actual dose that was given. This seamless integration reduces manual charting to save time and improve accuracy. Receiving confirmation straight from the source of truth, the MAR, ensures that Glucommander is basing its algorithmic recommendations on more complete data, which can improve patient outcomes.
  • SubQ BG recovery. Obtaining accurate overnight blood glucose (BG) levels is beneficial for Glucommander to set an appropriate basal dose in the morning. When providers do not enter this value, it can impact the effectiveness of an insulin therapy protocol. Glucommander SubQ now leverages the lab interfaces to recover overnight BG values that were not entered, resulting in more effective and safer insulin dosing recommendations.
  • Meter Max Override. It is common for patients with hyperglycemic crisis to have glucose measurements that exceed the measurement limit in point-of-care glucose meters. When nurses use Glucommander’s existing Meter Max™ feature, insulin treatment can be started without waiting for lab values. The latest safety guardrail guides nurses to best practice by requiring the use of Meter Max when values are above the meter limit. Glucommander's algorithm is designed to set an intelligent starting dose when a patient is above meter max, reducing human error so that a patient achieves target range as soon as safely possible.

“For the past 15 years, Glytec has been at the forefront of developing computer-guided algorithms that make personalized insulin dosing possible. These latest enhancements are just the most recent example of our ongoing commitment to patient safety and improving nursing workflows. Our release includes many enhancements that we can directly attribute to feedback we’ve received by carefully listening to the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and administrators at hospitals across the country who use our platform,” said John Downey, Chief Commercial Officer, at Glytec. “With evidence indicating a strong association between timely and accurate glucose management, improved outcomes and lower costs we are finding that health systems are already showing an increasing interest in Glucommander. With these important new innovations we expect that adoption will expand even more rapidly.”

In addition to new medication confirmation and order integration features, this release also includes interface enhancements and out-of-the-box support for newer treatment options.

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Glytec is the insulin management software company for healthcare providers focused on improving the quality and cost of care. Its FDA-cleared titration software and proprietary algorithms power the only solution capable of delivering personalized diabetes treatment recommendations across the continuum of care, from hospital to home. With ongoing support from its team of doctors, nurses and technologists headquartered outside of Boston, Glytec improves outcomes and controls costs for the large population of patients requiring insulin treatment – including those with and without a diagnosis of diabetes. For more information, follow Glytec on Twitter @Glytec) or LinkedIn, or visit

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