A Nurse’s Introduction to Glytec’s eGMS®


Glycemic management can be a major source of stress for nurses. Manually calculating insulin doses, calling physicians to verify or adjust titration, copying information from paper protocols into the EMR — they all take time away from the patient.


The risks to patient safety are also high when using a high-alert medication like insulin: transcription errors, stacked doses, incorrect doses or not accounting for other medications’ impact can cause major complications like hypoglycemia or prolonged hyperglycemia.


Glytec’s eGlycemic Management System (eGMS) replaces paper protocols, simple computerized calculators or protocols and sliding-scale insulin with standard-of-care methodologies for IV and SubQ insulin titration. Deep EMR integrations leverage patient data thus freeing nurses from double documentation or manually calculating insulin doses.

Hear from Carmen Estrada-Anderson, RN, CDCES at AdventHealth




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