Quality Initiatives

Glytec is not just a technology vendor.

We are your partner for adopting and sustaining a comprehensive systems approach to best practices in glycemic management.


We combine our patented and integrated eGlycemic Management System® with expert professional services to help facilitate and support clinical practice change as well as ongoing quality improvement.


Our efficient and evidence-based systems approach allows you to overcome barriers, abandon disjointed workflows and achieve standardization of insulin therapy across critical and non-critical care settings. It also addresses the important transitions between settings of care, including point of discharge.

Quality Improvement and Change Management


Changes are inevitable when striving to achieve and sustain best practice for glycemic management, especially when you’re displacing manual methods with an integrated technology solution.


Glytec provides expert professional services for evaluating current practice, defining specific areas where adjustments are needed (gap analysis), developing an actionable quality improvement plan and helping promote a culture of safety. We monitor your progress against measurable objectives, furnish timely feedback and confer on corrective actions and supplementary strategies as needed.


We work directly with your teams on the front line -- furnishing education, support and communication -- to ensure utilization and performance of the eGlycemic Management System® is optimized, all parties recognize and understand the positive impacts to patient care, and you attain mutually agreed-upon goals.


“We eliminated all sliding-scale insulin orders, moving entirely to the evidenced-based standard of care. Glytec was extremely thorough and supportive in assisting us with this clinical practice change.”


Rose Newsom, MSN, RN, NE-BC

Director of Nursing Practice, Kaweah Delta Health Care District


Environmental Assessment and Standardization


As a precursor to implementation of the eGlycemic Management System®, Glytec conducts a comprehensive onsite environmental assessment of current practice for glycemic management. This includes meeting with stakeholders across your enterprise and observing processes of care.

We also conduct root cause analyses of potential barriers to best practice, and in follow up, make recommendations regarding changes to -- and standardization of -- protocols, order sets, workflows and documentation to meet the needs of differing patient populations. We also help you facilitate these changes.

Post-implementation, we periodically conduct a similar assessment to ensure all your staff are experiencing maximum efficiency and effectiveness with the eGlycemic Management System®. 

Provider Engagement and Education


Gaining the trust, buy-and support of your providers is essential to successful utilization of the eGlycemic Management System®, which is why Glytec spearheads a comprehensive, multi-channel program to educate and engage your providers before, during and after implementation, fostering the high-reliability care and clinical excellence you aim to achieve.

We employ a strengths-based tiered approach that helps overcome knowledge deficits and misperceptions surrounding insulin therapy, motivates timely and appropriate prescribing, and eliminates any skepticism or hesitation in allowing the eGlycemic Management System® to guide evidence-based dosing.

By soliciting ongoing feedback from your providers, troubleshooting and remediating issues, and reporting ‘wins’ on a case-specific and aggregate basis, we position your organization for continuous quality improvement.


Multidisciplinary Glycemic Steering Committee


The American Diabetes Association, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, Society of Hospital Medicine and other authoritative sources recommend that a multidisciplinary steering committee provide hospital-wide governance over matters of glycemic management. Glytec aids you in the formation of this committee, if one does not already exist, and helps direct advancements in its charter to align with goals for the eGlycemic Management System®.

Additionally, a dedicated member of the Glytec Quality Initiatives team participates in committee meetings to deliver both quantitative and qualitative glycemic performance feedback, and to furnish counsel and direction as needed.

“Glytec’s solution supports our framework for performance excellence. We view it as the gold standard for insulin therapy and are very excited to be expanding its use.”



Darcy Barrett, MSN, RN

System Director of Professional Practice, WellStar Health System

Analytics and Reporting


Setting measurable goals and objectives is the cornerstone of every quality improvement plan. Glytec leverages both baseline data and data captured through use of the eGlycemic Management System® to construct dashboards featuring key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your organization.


Setting measurable goals and objectives is the cornerstone of every quality improvement plan. Glytec leverages both baseline data and data captured through use of the eGlycemic Management System® to construct dashboards featuring key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your organization.

We tailor the IBM A3 reporting structure by incorporating interventions, timelines and accountabilities proposed to help close the delta between your current and desired state of glycemic performance. We also seek to answer top-level questions, such as:


  • Have your rates of severe hypoglycemia and severe hyperglycemia been reduced?

  • Are results with the eGlycemic Management System® better than the alternative (i.e., usual care) right now?

  • What can you do to optimize your investment in the eGlycemic Management System®?

  • Have practice changes positively impacted your patient populations?

  • Are providers and nurses correctly leveraging the eGlycemic Management System®?


Research and Publications


We encourage you to address challenging aspects of glycemic management and key areas of glycemic interest through research studies, clinical trials, pilot projects or other specialized quality improvement programming.

Members of our Quality Initiatives team are well equipped to assist you with everything from initial design and protocol development to data analysis and manuscript construction.

Whether your aim is to publish in a scientific journal, present at a conference or simply circulate your findings among internal constituents, Glytec is a willing and capable collaborator.

For examples of research and publications, we invite you to explore our evidence library.

Executive Sponsorship


Cultivating a steady flow of communication with senior administration (executive sponsors) is mission critical to the continuing evolution and prioritization of glycemic management within your organization..

To this end, Glytec regularly prepares executive briefs that concisely depict key metrics while underscoring emerging and outstanding opportunities, environmental assessment findings, tactical plans, clinical outcomes, financial ROI, team successes and more.

Additionally, to allow for the exchange of ideas and insights between parties and to address questions and special requests, Glytec also hosts periodic tele/webconferences and in-person meetings with executive sponsors and glycemic champions.