About Glytec


With the institution of CMS hypo and hyperglycemia quality measures, hospitals across the country are evaluating how technology can help raise the standard of care for the 37 million Americans with diabetes. 


That’s where Glytec comes in. 


Used by hundreds of the most forward-thinking hospitals across America, Glytec’s eGlycemic Management System (eGMS) revolutionizes insulin management for the entire care team. Fully integrated into your EHR, our IV and SubQ insulin dosing algorithm, Glucommander, is FDA-cleared and gets patients into target range faster with fewer insulin-related adverse drug events than patients treated with other methodologies. 


Along with Glucommander, Glytec’s cloud-based and HITRUST-certified eGMS comes complete with an industry-leading analytics and reporting platform, safety guardrails, and other modules that make it safe, effective, and the most-used solution on the market today for hospitals and health systems who agree that sliding scale only is dangerous and ineffective. 


Working together and utilizing our Blueprint for Success, we can help your health system transition from sliding scale to basal bolus, dramatically reduce insulin-related adverse drug events, and save millions of dollars a year. 


When Glytec introduced Glucommander back in 2006, it completely changed the way people thought about the role of technology in treating patients with diabetes, and in the years since has been involved in the care of millions of patients. Unfortunately, the prevalence of diabetes continues to rise - and so, we’ll continue to innovate. We have an ambitious product vision including a strategic partnership with Roche Diagnostics on handheld point-of-care devices, plans for empowering inpatient CGM usage, and deep integrations with the leading EHR providers.

What's missing from your top-tier insulin management strategy?