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Glycemic management is hard, and personalized insulin dosing even harder - but with Glucommander, it doesn’t need to be. FDA-cleared, HITRUST certified, EHR-agnostic and in use at hundreds of hospitals across the country, Glucommander is an insulin dosing decision support algorithm that helps clinicians provide their patients with the personalized care they deserve. And thanks to our GlucoMetrics® dashboards, results, trends, and progress towards your goals are just one click away. It’s glycemic management - revolutionized.

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Results Matter

Patients Love Glytec!

Our virtual insulin titration service helps patients with diabetes achieve and sustain A1C goals.

“We realized within the first two weeks that I needed three times the insulin I was taking. This program is literally a lifesaver."

Type 1 Diabetes

“I like the instant feedback and that I don’t have to wait 3 or 4 months until my next doctor’s appointment to have my dose adjusted.”

Type 2 Diabetes

“I feel so much better. I no longer have frequent thirst or blurred vision. I am extremely pleased with my progress in this program.”

Type 2 Diabetes

Case Study

How did Kaweah Delta Medical Center successfully transition from sliding scale to basal bolus insulin?
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What Do Our Clients Say?

Case Study

Learn how Riverside Healthcare saved more than $2.6 million annually by partnering with Glytec and implementing Glucommander. 

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You’re in Good Hands

Our partners have chosen us because we have a proven methodology for safety, implementation, training and continuous improvement, and we offer them 24/7 support. Having 40+ clinicians on staff, our team is uniquely positioned to be your technical and clinical partners as you embark on your glycemic management journey. Our team has managed Glucommander implementations at hospitals of all sizes. Whether you’re a small standalone ER, or a multi-state, multi-facility healthcare system - with Glytec, you’re in good hands.