WALTHAM, MASS. (March 11, 2021) –Glytec, the only provider of insulin management software across the continuum of care, today announced that Metro Health - University of Michigan Health, an affiliate of University of Michigan Health, reduced incidence of hypoglycemia by more than 54% and experienced a 40% decline in hyperglycemia since implementing Glytec’s eGlycemic Management System® (eGMS) software.

Metro Health has long been recognized for its commitment to patient safety and was recently honored by the Leapfrog Group’s Hospital Safety Grade with an “A” rating for its efforts to advance the quality and safety of the community it serves. Its initiative for implementing the most advanced technology and practices for managing glycemic control demonstrates this continuing commitment.

Extensive research links poor glycemic control to higher rates of complications – regardless of a preexisting diabetes diagnosis. To address these challenges, Metro Health implemented Glytec’s eGMS at its 208-bed hospital in Wyoming, Michigan in August 2020 and expanded its use to include both the intravenous and subcutaneous offerings in September. In addition to fewer instances of both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, Metro Health accelerated its time to target blood glucose for hyperglycemic patients by 30%, reduced insulin-related medication errors, and optimized clinician, nursing and pharmacy workflows.

“Metro Health is always looking for new ways to advance the excellent care we provide and partnering with Glytec has helped us achieve significant strides that benefit a large population of patients,” said Dr. Jacob Stremers, Attending Hospitalist, Metro Health. “Poor glycemic control can lead to increased length of stay, higher readmissions and overall worse outcomes, which is why improving upon the manual, industry-standard approach was an important initiative for Metro Health. Glytec’s eGMS software has been a key component to advancing our glycemic management practices while strengthening patient safety and supporting our clinicians.”

Metro Health is the first healthcare facility to benefit from a fully-remote installation of Glytec’s eGMS software. Its plans for a hospital-wide rollout of Glytec’s software in early 2020 were interrupted and put on hold as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States. However, Glytec worked with Metro Health to pioneer procedures for remote installation and training, made possible by Glytec’s cloud-based architecture, that ultimately allowed Metro Health to move forward at the height of the pandemic.

Within a month of implementing Glytec, Western Michigan endured its most significant surge of COVID-19 hospitalizations and Metro Health was pushed to its capacity. As a result of COVID-19 order sets calling for the use of corticosteroids, incidents of hyperglycemia rose and over half of Metro Health’s patients were using Glytec’s eGMS to stabilize their blood glucose levels more quickly.

“While treating COVID-19 patients with a steroid has been effective, it also introduces danger. We know that steroids raise blood glucose levels, and high glucose is associated with worse outcomes, so it’s critical to closely watch and manage blood glucose levels for any patient in this situation. These factors have highlighted potential opportunities for product and best practice improvements, and Glytec is committed to a continued partnership with Metro to increase patient safety,” said Dr. Jordan Messler, Executive Director of Clinical Practice, Glytec. “With its inherent nature of being a forward-looking organization and its focus on patient safety, Metro Health put itself in a position to confidently manage the complexities of COVID-19. Its culture of innovation and organizational agility were huge assets in our ability to implement Glytec remotely for the first time, and we’re happy to be contributing to Metro Health’s strong reputation of patient care and safety.”

The core of Glytec’s eGMS is its FDA-cleared insulin titration software Glucommander™. Glucommander has been used in over 300 hospitals across the United States, helping providers get patients into target blood glucose ranges in a safe and timely manner. The solution is proven to reduce severe low blood sugar by 99.8%, 30-day readmissions by 36-68% and length of stay by up to 3.2 days.

To learn more about Glytec and its insulin management software, visit: https://glytecsystems.com.

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Glytec is the insulin management software company for healthcare providers focused on improving the quality and cost of care. Its FDA-cleared titration software and proprietary algorithms power the only solution capable of delivering personalized diabetes treatment recommendations across the continuum of care, from hospital to home. With ongoing support from its team of doctors, nurses and technologists headquartered outside of Boston, Glytec improves outcomes and controls costs for the large population of patients requiring insulin treatment – including those with and without a diagnosis of diabetes. For more information, follow Glytec on Twitter (@Glytec) orLinkedIn, or visit www.GlytecSystems.com.

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