Implementing technology like an eGMS® is only one piece of a best-in-class glycemic management program. It takes continuous improvement, implementation of processes and optimization of programs to achieve desired clinical outcomes. In this session, you'll hear directly from current customers and learn how their institutions have put these pieces together to successfully tackle practice change and create best practice frameworks. Featured speakers include Sonia Cooper, MSN, NE-BC, Chief Nursing Officer, Sentara Healthcare and Cody R. Ericson, ANP-C, MSN, Advanced Practice Team, Kaweah Health.

Key takeaways include: 


  • How a phased approach to a multiple-facility practice change allows for the development of best practices and proof-of-concept sites

  • How to scale glycemic management programs with data

  • How Glucommander™ with clinical oversight is able to manage high populations of patients with diabetes