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Insulin can be a powerful tool in the treatment of nearly 40% of inpatients, and yet there's a serious problem. Most US hospitals still rely on outdated one size fits all protocols that scare their clinicians.

This status quo is in direct conflict with guidance from leading organizations and has serious consequences.

For example, patients may suffer from hypo and or hyperglycemia resulting in more expensive care, longer stays, and in the worst cases, sentinel events. This is a crucial patient safety issue, and urgent action is required, especially since centers for Medicare and Medicaid services or CMS has made it clear severe hypoglycemia related to insulin is hospital harm and should be a never event. Fortunately, innovative solutions exist that can position hospitals favorably for CMS measures.

Glytec, the leading provider of cloud based insulin management software, helps hospital leverage technology to optimize glycemic management.

Glytec's comprehensive e glycemic management system eGMS is the only FDA cleared high trust certified solution for the full continuum of care.

Validated by clinical studies and trusted by strategic partners and health systems. Glytec is the premier partner for clinicians focused on improving the quality and cost of care.

Comprised of two core components, Glucommander, and GlucoMetrics packaged with supporting modules and guardrails, Glytec's eGMS gives clinicians and health care executives everything they need to reach their goals and deliver the best care possible.

Everything starts with Glucommander. Our algorithm driven insulin dosing software cleared for use with patients with and without diabetes, adult and pediatric alike.

Fully integrated into your EHR. Glucommander opens with the click of a button, and from there, providers can easily place insulin therapy orders.

This kicks off a nurse driven guided workflow that handles all the calculations. No more need for mental math at the bedside. Rather, the nonlinear algorithm handles the calculations and gets patients into range safely and efficiently without dropping too quickly or below target range. As a full continuum solution, Glucommander supports the transition of patients from IV to subcutaneous therapy. As well as the transition from hospital to home. Further, Glucommander can support adaptive long term outpatient insulin dosing.

Nurses are fully trained at deployment on how to use Glucommander, but are never alone. Our GlucoView module ensures there's full visibility to all patients on Glucommander in a given unit and make sure they know when blood glucose checks are due. There's also a series of safety guardrails and alerts that keep them informed of potentially dangerous situations.

Providers too are fully supported. Our GlucoSurveillance module ensures there's full visibility to all patients across the entire hospital who are experiencing persistent hyperglycemia, who are at risk for adverse effects and could benefit from insulin therapy.

Glucommander and its full suite of support modules make sure that patients are receiving optimal insulin therapy and to ensure system wide care is optimized teams concurrently use GlucoMetrics.

Whether you're an executive looking for a high level overview across multiple facilities or a nurse manager interested in a single unit, dashboards, filters, and features give you the power to create a custom experience.

You can't improve what you can't measure. And with GlucoMetrics, you have the data you need to optimize care, creating a cycle of continuous improvement benefiting patients, health care workers, and the organization as a whole. Plus, you're not alone. Glytec's team is with you every step of the way to make sure your team gets the most out of eGMS.

Our experts have a blueprint for success that ensures you're well positioned to lower mortality readmission, infection rates, length of stay, and adverse drug events.

These better outcomes as well as nurse time savings can add up to millions of dollars per year, even for modest sized health systems, let alone large conglomerates.

There's no denying there are significant patient safety concerns related to glycemic management that require urgent action.

Fortunately, innovative solutions exist that can revolutionize your approach and Glytec has a track record of success.

Working with our clinical and technical experts, your team can deploy quickly and start making a difference right away. And we won't stop there because when you choose to partner with Glytec, you're not just buying insulin management software You're choosing a partner for your glycemic management journey. So let's get started together.

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