JANUARY 9, 2018

USPTO Grants Glytec Patent Allowance for Computer-Guided Selection and Dosing of All Diabetes Medications

The new patent allowance addresses personalized optimization of insulin and non-insulin medications alike.

Waltham, MA — Long recognized as the market leader in enterprise software solutions for insulin management, Glytec is expanding its intellectual property protections with a new patent allowance that addresses the optimization of all diabetes medications, including oral and non-insulin injectable varieties. The patent allowance, issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, comprises an intricate series of 24 claims that describe personalized computer-guided selection and dosing of any prescribed diabetes therapy regimen, whether insulin only, non-insulin only or combination.

“Evidence shows that providers demonstrate wide variation in the choice and sequence of diabetes medications, and in spite of some 100 medications currently available in the U.S. to treat diabetes, only about half of all patients with diabetes achieve their treatment goals,” says Glytec’s Chief Medical Officer and diabetologist, Dr. Andrew S. Rhinehart. “We are developing solutions that will remove the guesswork and make it much simpler for providers to identify what will work best for each individual patient, ultimately helping root out billions of dollars in wasted pharmaceutical expense and driving better outcomes.”

The new patent allowance depicts a system and method whereby: [abridged and consolidated]

  • A dosing controller comprising data processing hardware in communication with memory hardware obtains training data for a plurality of patients of a patient population, the data to include elements such as blood glucose history, treatment doses of insulin and/or non-insulin diabetes medications administered, one or more outcome attributes associated with each of the treatment doses, glycated hemoglobin measurements, and patient-state information (one or more of age, gender, medical history, body mass index, risk factors and financial characteristics). The data processing hardware identifies the optimum treatment dose or dose-combination of insulin and/or non-insulin diabetes medications for each patient in the training patient population based on the treatment dose or dose-combination of insulin and/or non-insulin diabetes medications yielding favorable outcome attributes.
  • Patient-state information for a treated patient is received at the data processing hardware, which determines the next recommended treatment dose or dose-combination of any one or more insulin and/or non-insulin diabetes medications based on the optimum treatment dose or dose-combination associated with patients in the training patient population whose patient-state information is similar to that of the treated patient. The next recommended treatment dose or dose-combination is transmitted to either a portable device associated with the treated patient, configured to display the next recommended treatment dose or dose-combination, or optionally, for insulin, to an administration device comprising a doser configured to administer the next recommended treatment dose to the treated patient.

As previously announced, Glytec is currently developing a new product, Therapy Advisor®, to facilitate the optimization of all diabetes medications and aid providers with diabetes management in the outpatient setting and at the time of transition from hospital to home.

Glytec’s President and CEO, Bob Leonard, explains: “Providers who care for patients with diabetes in the outpatient setting, particularly general and family practitioners, are challenged every day with decisions surrounding medication regimens. There are literally thousands of possible combinations. We have contemplated not only the clinical variables that impact medication optimization, but also the social determinants of health, with consideration given to patient preferences and lifestyle, including affordability. In addition to making recommendations on medication type, dose and frequency for any one or more insulin and non-insulin options, Therapy Advisor® will help facilitate the intensification and deintensification of medication regimens, including transitions on and off of insulin.”

About Glytec

Founded in 2006, Glytec is the pioneer of personalized digital therapeutics. The company’s patented and FDA-cleared software-as-a-medical-device solutions improve the safety and health of people with diabetes and make insulin a more effective medication option for the millions unable to achieve their treatment goals. Glytec combines evidence-based decision support technologies with expert clinical services to optimize basal and bolus insulin therapies in the hospital and at home, and reduce hypoglycemia and other complications as well as avoidable ED visits, hospitalizations, readmissions and drug waste. The company has offices in Waltham, Massachusetts and Greenville, South Carolina. For more information visit www.glytecsystems.com.

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