JULY 13 2021

Sean Whooley


Cloud-based insulin management software developer Glytec announced today that it appointed Dr. Jordan Messler as chief medical officer.

Messler’s responsibilities as the company’s CMO include spearheading continuous improvement initiatives for Glytec’s clinical strategy and product development.

Additionally, Messler will be supporting the delivery, customer, quality and regulatory teams to ensure ethical and safe glycemic management best practices, according to a news release.

Messler joined Waltham, Mass.-based Glytec in October 2018 as the company’s executive director of clinical practice, having previously served as medical director for the Morton Plant Hospitalist Group in Clearwater, Fla., where he continues to work as a hospitalist.

“Managing blood sugar levels for patients in the hospital is a major challenge for most health systems and it doesn’t get nearly enough attention,” Messler said in the release. “Glytec is a leader in the movement to solve this challenge, delivering proven software with exceptional research to back it up. I’m honored to continue this mission and expand my role at our growing company.”

The promotion for Messler comes weeks after Glytec’s previous personnel move, with the June appointment of Nausheen Moulana as its chief technology officer. Glytec said Messler and Moulana will partner to accelerate clinical research and oversee product development as the company scales into U.S. hospitals.

The company also raised $21 million in April in support of its eGlycemic Management System (eGMS) for managing insulin, which it updated in March.

Glytec’s eGMS is centered around the FDA-cleared Glucommander algorithm, which uses real-time and historical data to recommend insulin dosing by learning each patient’s insulin sensitivity and anticipating future needs, leading to a personalized treatment regime that can reduce hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, lengths of stay, readmissions and cost of care.

“Jordan is a terrific partner and the perfect leader for this new role,” Glytec president & CEO Ed Furlong said. “He’s proven himself to be a valuable clinical asset to our team with a broad scope of knowledge and deep engagement with every department in our organization.

“With Jordan at the helm of our clinical practice, we’ll continue to deliver safe, effective solutions and revolutionary research that keeps our company at the cutting edge of inpatient glycemic management.”

– This article originally appeared on Drug Delivery Business News.   

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