AdventHealth and CHI Franciscan Lead Three-Part Session with Data on Quality and Cost Improvements Achieved Through Electronic Glucose Management


WALTHAM, Mass. (April 22, 2020) – Glytec, the only provider of insulin management software across the continuum of care, announced today that AdventHealth and CHI Franciscan will lead a three-part session titled, “Computer-Guided Insulin Dosing” at the 2020 Diabetes Technology Society (DTS) Virtual Hospital Diabetes Meeting. During this online session at 12 p.m. EDT on April 24, the providers will highlight their experiences identifying  and correcting improper glycemic management, the physical and financial ramifications it has on patients and healthcare systems, and how implementing an electronic glycemic management system (eGMS) has benefitted their organization and the patients they serve.

 The three separate presentations within this session include:

Reducing Critical Hypoglycemia Through Quality Improvement Initiatives and Implementation of an eGlycemic Management System

Debra Dudley, BS, CDE, RN | AdventHealth Waterman

Many issues related to improper insulin dosing are the result of user error by the nurses and physicians treating patients.1 And while AdventHealth Waterman maintains excellent safety ratings, the hospital identified a number of issues with glycemic management that were occurring due to the industry-standard dosing procedures it was using.1 In this session, Debra Dudley will explain the challenges providers face at the patient level, how and why Waterman made system-wide changes to its glycemic management approach, and the positive changes in safety and culture that occurred as a result. This includes a 50% reduction in the number of severely hyperglycemic patients in just one month after implementing Glytec Glucommander earlier this year.

Evaluating a Health System’s Glycemic Health & Next Steps

Damon Tanton, MD | AdventHealth Diabetes Institute Orlando

Insulin mismanagement is a direct cause of patient harm, yet most hospitals in the United States don’t recognize it as an existing patient safety issue due to insufficient glucometric data.2 Glucometrics are crucial to healthcare facilities because they enable the adherence of clinical guidelines, achievement of regulatory requirements and improvement of patient outcomes. AdventHealth conducted an internal study to better understand how insulin mismanagement affected its institution, and the results showed severe hypoglycemia was causing increases in length of stay, readmission rates, mortality and cost of care per patient. Dr. Damon Tanton’s session will exhibit how AdventHealth implemented a series of strategic initiatives and technological investments, including Glytec Glucommander, that developed methods of long-term glucometric tracking, increased physician education and training, and resulted in successful outcomes in 43,000 patient cases.2

Utilization of Computer-Guided Insulin Dosing Decreases Hypoglycemia, Adverse Drug Events, Length of Stay & Cost of Care at Large Pacific Northwest Health System

Therese Franco, MD, SFHM | CHI Franciscan at St. Joseph Medical Center

Diabetes is a prevalent disease in the United States, and the individual and societal costs of care are a burden on the healthcare industry.3 The leadership team at CHI Franciscan at St. Joseph Medical Center witnessed this after it observed high rates of hypoglycemia and difficulty with industry accepted best practices in its facility.4 Dr. Therese Franco will explain CHI Franciscan’s decision to implement Glytec Glucommander, and how it led to an immediate reduction in hypoglycemia, minimal loss of overall glycemic control and a reduction in both length of stay and cost. Dr. Franco’s session will also showcase how Glucommander technology elevates the level of care through the individualization of all insulin doses, eases the burden of work on the provider and allows for increased patient engagement.

To learn more about the 2020 DTS Virtual Hospital Diabetes Meeting, including how to register and receive 13.25 continuing medical education credits, visit Presentation videos and slides will also be available on at the conclusion of the event.

About Glytec

Glytec is the insulin management software company for healthcare providers focused on improving the quality and cost of care. Its FDA-cleared titration software and proprietary algorithms power the only solution capable of delivering personalized diabetes treatment recommendations across the continuum of care, from hospital to home. With ongoing support from its team of doctors, nurses and technologists headquartered outside of Boston, Glytec improves outcomes and controls costs for the large population of patients requiring insulin treatment – including those with and without a diagnosis of diabetes. For more information, follow Glytec on Twitter (@Glytec) or LinkedIn, or visit


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