April 13, 2023

Sean Whooley

Glytec announced today that it unveiled the next evolution of GlucoMetrics to provide new insights into glycemic outcomes. The enhanced GlucoMetrics platform offers new analytics, dashboards and data visualizations for health systems and hospitals. Offering this enhanced visibility into glycemic outcomes helps hospitals as they prepare for new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) measures.

New CMS guidelines cover severe hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. They encourage facilities to report metrics on glycemic management beginning in early 2024, Glyetc said in a news release.

“CMS is making it clear that hypoglycemia related to insulin is largely preventable, and early treatment and optimal management of severe hyperglycemia is a priority. But it’s hard to enact and measure this type of change without access to data, or the expertise to turn that data into actionable insights,” said Dr. Jordan Messler, chief medical officer at Glytec. “Most hospitals have no way of easily looking across their facility to understand how effectively they’re managing patient blood sugars, and being able to look across an entire health system is even more rare.

“These enhancements to GlucoMetrics take a significant step towards providing the insight hospitals need to start asking – and answering – important questions.”


About the enhancements made by Glytec


Glytec’s cloud-based eGlycemic Management System (eGMS) powers GlucoMetrics. Based on the Glucommander platform, eGMS supports personalized insulin dosing decision support at the point of care. Providers and nurses using Glucommander help their patients achieve target range faster. These patients stay within tighter parameters and experience fewer insulin-related adverse drug events compared to patients treated with other protocols.

Drug Delivery Businesses News spoke with Messler last year about the company’s technology. READ HERE.

The enhancements made to GlucoMetrics include self-serve access to key performance indicators, trends and benchmarks. These relate to glycemia treatment and cover the entire health system. GlucoMetrics comes pre-configured with six interactive dashboards to help surface insights at both a macro and micro level.

New features include GlucoMetrics Overview for trends and performance metrics compared to other Glucommander users. It also features “treated vs. untreated” insights into outcomes for patients using Glucommander compared to those who don’t.

GlucoMetrics provides blood glucose measurement timelines for insights into response time, plus patient stay metrics. Finally, it offers measurements for days above, below or in range, aligned with how CMS intends to track hyperglycemia rates.

Glytec said its dashboards include filters to segment data by time, frame facility, unit, treatment type and more. These provide granular details across an entire healthcare system or down to an individual hospital unit level. It also features customizable experiences with saved views and personalized email subscriptions. Users can easily export charts, tables, graphs and data to Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint for further analysis, annotation or distribution.

The company intends to add new features, functionality and metrics through quarterly updates, too.

This article originally appeared in Drug Delivery Business News