Hyperglycemia occurs in > 30% of hospitalized patients and up to 40% in surgical patients. Blood glucose levels are uniquely affected by surgical stress and anesthesia and many of those affected do not have diabetes. How teams manage glycemic levels in the perioperative setting is critical. Technology is a key tool in the strategy of obtaining optimal glycemic management. 

When patients are under surgical care, there is no time to spare for second guessing. Learn how technology can directly influence the safety of patients with diabetes and glycemic events in the perioperative setting.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define goals for glycemic management for the surgical patient
    Identify the challenges of glycemic control

  • Create a preoperative diabetes medication management plan
    Identify when glycemic management is best served using insulin infusion

  • Identify when glycemic management is best served utilizing subcutaneous injections

  • Recognize which patient populations are at high risk for hypoglycemia and develop prevention strategies

  • Develop a management plan for transition to the outpatient setting