Insulin is a high-alert medication, but the complex nature of insulin therapy and the persistence of outdated methodologies among providers makes ensuring safe insulin usage a challenge for pharmacists.

Glytec’s eGlycemic Management System (eGMS) helps pharmacists solve many of the complex problems that stand in the way of safe insulin usage.

Glucommander, Glytec’s FDA-cleared insulin dosing decision support module, is the core of eGMS: with automated alerts that notify nurses about sudden changes in patient glycemic status and comprehensive glycemic management data reporting, eGMS can help hospitals reduce medication errors1 and achieve the standard of care in glycemic management.2

Glytec eGMS helping pharmacists improve insulin safety in the hospital Download

We support intravenous, subcutaneous and outpatient insulin management as well as the transitions between these stages. Our eGMS has been implemented at nearly 300 hospitals and has been repeatedly proven to help:



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Results from real hospitals using Glytec’s eGMS



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In addition, use of eGMS helped improve standard-of-care basal bolus insulin utilization at one hospital from 5% to 96%.3






Glytec’s comprehensive eGlycemic Management System supports improved insulin dosing and administration throughout the hospital. Here’s how it works:


Glucommander: Our algorithm-driven insulin dosing decision support software sits at the core of eGMS. Glucommander is FDA-cleared and approved for use in IV, SubQ and outpatient settings for both adult and pediatric patients.


GlucoSurveillance: eGMS interfaces with laboratory information systems to continuously analyze patient blood glucose values and alert staff about at-risk patients.


GlucoMetrics: eGMS provides insights into organizational glycemic management performance by tracking KPIs like incidence of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, time to target, patient utilization and more.


GlucoView: Providers can use eGMS to view a dashboard of glycemic status indicators for all patients in a unit, helping nurses track last BG test results and current infusion rates and see precisely when the next check is due.


SmartClick: eGMS integrates directly with the EMR to support one-click access, reduce redundant data entry, reduce transcription errors and improve workflow efficiency for providers.


GlyCloud: eGMS is hosted in the cloud, which means it can be installed, configured and updated remotely. Your data is secured at a HIPAA-compliant data center.



How Glytec’s eGMS improves insulin safety
Our   FDA-cleared algorithm  delivers more personalized and accurate dosing recommendations compared to paper protocols.

eGMS uses reminders to increase timeliness of BG checks by providers and improve care.


EMR integration reduces risk of transcription errors, stacked doses, and other mistakes.


Specific patient, unit-wide and organizational glycemic management data improve accountability and helps hospitals work toward better results.


The GlucoSurveillance module of eGMS identifies patients at risk due to persistent hyperglycemia and notifies staff.

The Glucose Velocity Warning alerts nurses about sudden drops in patient blood sugar.


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