An Introduction to Glytec’s eGMS for CPS Solutions

In by Alexa Driscoll


An Introduction to Glytec's eGMS: The Complete Solution for Best-in-Class Glycemic Management

A webinar developed and presented to CPS Solutions.

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Glytec's eGlycemic Management System® (eGMS) is revolutionizing glycemic management by uniting teams around patient safety. Watch the recording of this CPS Solutions webinar to learn how you can ensure best practice for your insulin-requiring patients.

This webinar is hosted by Diabetes Clinical Pharmacist, Stephanie Mason, PharmD, CDCES, with industry updates from Chief Commercial Officer, John Downey. An overview of our eGMS® and a platform demonstration is led by Clinical Partner Solutions Manager, Jonda Dawson, RN, CDCES and Regional Vice President, Andy O'Dell.