Glytec Integrates With Onduo Virtual Diabetes Clinic

NOVEMBER 29, 2017

Glytec Integrates With Onduo Virtual Diabetes Clinic

The integrated solution will launch in pilot programs with select U.S. providers and payers early 2018.

Waltham, MA — Glytec is pleased to announce its Glucommander™ Outpatient will be integrated with Onduo’s virtual diabetes clinic to help people with type 2 diabetes more easily manage insulin therapy and achieve their glucose targets. Onduo, a joint venture of Sanofi and Verily (an Alphabet company), is developing a virtual platform that integrates hardware, such as wirelessly-connected continuous glucose monitors, software and personalized support from healthcare experts to help people manage their type 2 diabetes. The integrated solution will launch in pilot programs with select U.S. providers and payers early 2018.

“Roughly half of 7.5 million people in the U.S. who use insulin to manage their diabetes are not reaching their treatment goals, and millions more who could benefit from insulin therapy either avoid it or discontinue it,” explains Glytec’s Chief Medical Officer and diabetologist, Dr. Andrew Rhinehart. “Fixing this decades-old problem represents one of the greatest opportunities to improve the quality and cost of diabetes care.”

Fears and misconceptions surrounding insulin and hypoglycemia are common, and often lead to improper dosing recommendations and diminished efficacy. The end result is high rates of insulin avoidance and discontinuation among people with type 2 diabetes. Evidence indicates that 31% of this population never fill their insulin script and 77% stop using insulin within a year of initiating therapy if they experience hypoglycemia during the first six months.

“Insulin itself is not the problem,” says Rhinehart. “The problem is the complexity of insulin dosing. Everyone responds to insulin differently, so the key to optimizing insulin therapy is to ensure that dosing is personalized, timely and accurate, which is exactly what Glucommander™ Outpatient helps providers achieve.”

According to the published results of multiple studies involving use of Glucommander™ Outpatient in clinical practice, patients reach their glucose targets in an average of 12.5 days and sustain drops in A1C of 2.5 percentage points over a 12-month period, with very low incidence of hypoglycemia.

“We are very excited to partner with Onduo and play an important role in this integrated care solution,” says Glytec’s President and CEO, Bob Leonard. “We firmly believe that this type of best-of-breed matrix approach — synthesizing the most essential and innovative technologies and services — will emerge as the most potent way to drive improvements in the quality, safety and cost of care for people living with diabetes.”

About Glytec

Founded in 2006, Glytec is the pioneer of personalized digital therapeutics. The company’s patented and FDA-cleared software-as-a-medical-device solutions improve the safety and health of people with diabetes and make insulin a more effective and accessible medication option for millions who are unable to achieve their treatment goals. Glytec combines evidence-based decision support technologies with expert clinical services to optimize basal and bolus insulin therapies in the hospital and at home, and in turn reduce hypoglycemia and other complications as well as avoidable ED visits, hospitalizations, readmissions and drug waste. For more information visit

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