Studies Provide Additional Validation of the Benefits of Automated Glucose Management for Both IV and SubQ Insulin Dosing

MAY 8, 2015

Studies Provide Additional Validation of the Benefits of Automated Glucose Management for Both IV and SubQ Insulin Dosing

Wide range of studies further demonstrates significant impact in the emergency department, hospital and outpatient settings.

San Francisco, CA — Glytec, the pioneer and leader in providing innovative, FDA-cleared glucose management software solutions central to effective diabetes management, today announced that several abstracts featuring the company’s eGlycemic Management Solution® (eGMS®) have been selected as poster presentations at the International Hospital Diabetes Meeting (IHDM), taking place from May 8-9th in San Francisco. Hosted by the Diabetes Technology Society, the fifth annual IHDM conference will showcase the optimal use of future and current technologies for people with diabetes in both critical and non-critical care settings.

“Our series of studies demonstrate how Glytec’s eGMS provides better blood glucose control over traditional methods of insulin management for both subcutaneous and IV dosing,” said Joseph Aloi, MD, Chief, Section on Endocrinology and Metabolism at Wake Forest University Medical Center and formerly Clinical Director at East Virginia Medical School Strelitz Diabetes Center. “In addition, we achieved these improved results while simultaneously experiencing minimal to rare hypoglycemic events.”

Detailing best practices for improved IV insulin management, the following posters will be presented at IHDM by Dr. Joseph Aloi; Dr. Paul Chidester, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Sentara Healthcare; and Amy Henderson, RN, BSN, Clinical Solutions Consultant at Glytec:

Furthermore, Dr. Melanie Mabrey, Vice President of Clinical Practice at Glytec, and Dr. Andrew S. Rhinehart, Chief Medical Officer at Glytec, will be presenting the following posters to showcase improvements that can be made through the use of Glytec’s eGMS for subcutaneous (SubQ) glycemic management:

“Having been a Glytec customer and physician-user prior to joining the company, l have witnessed first-hand the positive results that can be achieved by leveraging Glytec’s eGMS,” said Dr. Rhinehart. “It is our mission to help people achieve better glycemic control across the care continuum and these studies showcase that automated, predictive insulin dosing algorithms are setting a new standard.”

About Glytec

Founded in 2006, Glytec is a rapidly growing clinical information technology company dedicated to the mission of improving insulin management and glycemic control. The eGlycemic Management System® (eGMS®) enables providers and payers to significantly reduce the frequency, risks and costs of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia and offer superior care to their diabetic and surgical patients. Glytec’s solution has evolved from the very first of its kind, computerized IV insulin dosing tool to the first and only comprehensive, integrated glycemic management and surveillance system. eGMS® includes a unique suite of FDA-cleared, computerized, predictive dosing algorithms for IV, subcutaneous and pediatric dosing: Glucommander™ IV (FDA clearance 2006), Glucommander™ SubQ (FDA clearance 2010) and Glucommander™ Pediatrics (FDA clearance 2012). The unique breadth and depth of the Glucommander™ Suite and complimentary products allows providers to standardize its approach across all areas of the hospital. For more information, please visit

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