Dr. Andrew Rhinehart Discusses Glytec’s Contribution to Value-Based Reforms

August 14, 2017

Dr. Andrew Rhinehart Discusses Glytec’s Contribution to Value-Based Reforms

Value-based purchasing is happening and Glytec is participating in this new and transitioning form of care, says Andrew Rhinehart, MD, chief medical officer at Glytec. This extension of care beyond the hospital for diabetes needs is promising in producing better patient outcomes.

Transcript (slightly modified)

Why are glucose management solutions like Glytec helpful during this time of value-based reforms?

Value-based purchasing and value-based reimbursement is here. As we move towards that, and as it’s arrived, health systems are now owning the patient across the continuum of care and that’s what we’ve done with our product strategy as well.

We are now managing patients, not only in the emergency departments and intensive care units (ICUs), treating with intravenous (IV) insulin, but we’re also managing all of the transitions of care. We are transitioning patients from IV to subcutaneous insulin, transitioning patients from subcutaneous insulin in the hospital, then a hospital-to-home strategy, and managing them as an outpatient as well. Interestingly, that is where the health system owns the patient across the continuum as well.

Therefore, we are not a point solution, we’re a solution across the whole continuum of care, of managing all their diabetes needs. That can then translate into cost savings and better outcomes for the patient. At the end of the day, once again as a clinician, that’s is what to me really matters. Are we taking care of our client’s client? And our client’s client is the patient.

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