Novant Health Partners with Glytec to Advance Leadership Position in Patient-Centered Diabetes Care

FEBRUARY 7, 2017

Novant Health Partners with Glytec to Advance Leadership Position in Patient-Centered Diabetes Care

Glytec’s solution will enable the 14-hospital health system to achieve best practice, reduce variability and standardize care for patients with diabetes.

Waltham, MA — Becoming a national leader in diabetes care is a commitment Novant Health, headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, will advance through a new partnership with Glytec. The company’s patented eGlycemic Management System® (eGMS®) will be a focal point of the health system’s diabetes service line, offering clinicians a comprehensive set of tools, technologies and processes proven to achieve full adoption of basal-bolus insulin therapy, the standard of care and best practice endorsed by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE).

Glytec’s eGMS® will be deployed across all 14 of Novant Health’s medical centers, serving patients in North Carolina and Virginia. The health system will capitalize on Glytec’s 10 years of experience and expertise in helping provider organizations successfully transition from manual, paper-based protocols for sliding-scale insulin therapy to fully integrated, computer-guided decision support for basal-bolus insulin therapy.

“Our approach is very proactive, we focus on delivering highly personalized care to our patients,” says Dr. John D. Phipps, executive vice president of Novant Health and president of Novant Health medical group. “As a practicing endocrinologist, I understand firsthand how important proper glucose control is to achieving our quality and performance improvement goals for patients with diabetes. The cost savings follow. Glytec’s solution will enable us to adopt best practice for insulin management in a highly mechanized way that integrates with our Epic EHR. Their eGMS® eliminates the customary barriers clinicians face in the absence of automation, and the company is well versed in methods for driving adoption.”

Glytec’s eGMS® centers on Glucommander™, the only FDA-cleared solution able to support intravenous and subcutaneous insulin dosing for patients with and without diabetes, adult and pediatric alike. Glucommander™ utilizes multi-variate proprietary algorithms to provide care teams with individualized dosing recommendations that dynamically adjust to each patient’s changing condition, accounting for carbohydrate intake, weight, insulin sensitivities and other clinical variables.

The SmartClick® module of eGMS® will allow Novant Health care teams to access Glucommander™ directly from the Epic EHR system. SmartClick® will also provide a means for integration with connected devices, such as blood glucose meters, for prescriber-directed insulin dosing in support of population health management.

The health system will utilize the GlucoSurveillance® module of eGMS® to accelerate early identification and timely initiation of therapy for hospitalized patients who may require insulin. The module will interface directly with the health system’s laboratory information systems (LIS) to perform continuous surveillance and analysis of blood glucose lab values. One of the key benefits of GlucoSurveillance® is its ability to alert care teams to the most vulnerable patients, such as those with undiagnosed diabetes and others who experience stress-induced hyperglycemia, for whom the need to administer insulin might otherwise go undetected for long periods, putting them at increased risk of complications and longer lengths of stay.

“We know how critical glycemic management is to patient safety and outcomes,” explains Dr. Catherine A. Rolih, medical director of Novant Health diabetes service line. “Glytec’s eGMS® and their assistance with clinical change management will allow us to standardize care around insulin dosing and glucose control, and reduce the incidence of hypoglycemia. We have every confidence we will attain best practice with insulin therapy at all our facilities.”

Glytec’s clinical services organization will work with Dr. Rolih and other members of the Novant Health glycemic management committee to establish key performance indicators that can be monitored in real-time with the GlucoMetrics® module of eGMS®.

“Nearly everyone has a family member, friend, neighbor or co-worker dealing with diabetes, and the number of people with diabetes is growing at a greater rate year over year,” says Bob Leonard, President and CEO of Glytec. “It’s exciting to see leading IDNs like Novant Health embrace our advanced technologies to help address the needs of this high-risk, high-cost population across the continuum. With our eGMS®, Novant Health will have the means to transform clinical obstacles into improved outcomes for patients and providers alike. We look forward to a long, successful and collaborative relationship.”

About Glytec

Founded in 2006, Glytec is a leading innovator in personalized diabetes therapy management, pioneering the way hospitals and health systems use technology to ensure optimal glucose control and reduce the frequency, risks and costs of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. The company’s comprehensive eGlycemic Management System® (eGMS®) centers on the only FDA-cleared insulin dosing solution able to support intravenous and subcutaneous therapy for adult and pediatric populations across the entire care continuum. eGMS® integrates seamlessly with EMR systems and connected devices for streamlined use in inpatient and outpatient settings, with the ability to support at-home, prescriber-directed care managed through telehealth, population health and other value-based programs. eGMS® employs a cloud-hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, allowing for rapid implementation and anytime, anywhere access. Efficacy of eGMS®, including its ability to substantively improve clinical and financial outcomes, has been validated by more than 55 research studies. Results have included dramatic reductions in length of stay, readmissions and A1c levels. Glytec currently holds six U.S. and two international patents, and has more than 50 patents pending. The company has offices in Waltham, Massachusetts and Greenville, South Carolina. For more information, visit

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