37 More Hospitals Elect to Strengthen Their Diabetes Management Programs with Glytec

JUNE 4, 2015

37 More Hospitals Elect to Strengthen Their Diabetes Management Programs with Glytec

Company continues dramatic growth driven by its unprecedented, proven results.

Waltham, MA — Glytec, the pioneer and leader in providing innovative, FDA-cleared glucose management software solutions central to effective diabetes management, announces 13 additional health systems across the U.S. have recently selected the company’s eGlycemic Management System® (eGMS®). Collectively, they represent 37 new hospital implementations. eGMS® enables providers, payers, and patients to control glucose levels, and combat the well-documented, spiraling complications and costs associated with diabetes and hyperglycemia.

Glytec’s unique eGMS® allows providers to embed evidence-based, medical intelligence in the patient care process for those in need of insulin therapy. eGMS® provides clinician-developed, algorithm-based software (Glucommander™) designed to consider insulin sensitivity and individualize dosing recommendations to address and prevent excursions through all aspects of insulin therapy – including intravenous (IV), transition from IV to subcutaneous (SubQ), SubQ, and pediatric dosing recommendations. The on-going performance and impact of the glycemic control initiative is measured and monitored through Glytec’s GlucoMetrics™, a wide array of preset and/or on-demand clinical and business intelligence reports. Additionally, GlucoSurveillance™ provides real-time capabilities to proactively identify patients who will benefit from glycemic intervention and insulin therapy. eGMS® is proven to achieve significantly better control than traditional, manual methods, while simultaneously rendering dangerous hypoglycemic events rare.

“Glycemic management has always been a major priority for our health system, and our results have historically been excellent versus the national averages, yet even with a strong program centered on standard protocols, we are always seeking to achieve higher standards of care,” said Dr. Mikhail Kosiborod of Saint Luke’s Health System, Kansas City. “eGMS® is a purpose-built system that mitigates gaps in care and pairs best practices in glycemic management with leading EHR technology.”

eGMS® facilitates a comprehensive, systems approach to diabetes management, beginning with seamless integration with the EHR. Through the standardization of processes and personalization of treatment, eGMS® is proven to reduce infection rates, length-of-stay, readmissions and resource utilization (clinician time as well as supplies).

“We selected Glytec due to their reputation for producing unprecedented results in glycemic control, and are very excited to have indeed seen dramatic improvements in control so quickly after implementation. Not only are patients better controlled – faster and with much less hypoglycemia – but nurses are now requesting orders for Glucommander. It’s even provided us the opportunity to treat some patients who are in early DKA in the ED, and transfer to a medical unit, rather than the higher cost ICU bed,” said Laurie Porcaro, MS-DEDM RN CDE Diabetes Clinical Coordinator at Orange Regional Medical Center, in New York. “Implementation was smooth with Glytec’s help, and the integration with our Epic EMR makes it easy and convenient for nurses to use. We think of Glytec as glycemic control at the push of a button.”

The most recent customers to sign on for the eGMS® are from all corners of the U.S.:

  • Kaweah Delta Health Care District, California
  • Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, Florida
  • Atlanta Medical Center, Georgia
  • Hawaii Pacific Health, Hawaii
  • Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare, Illinois
  • Saint Luke’s Health System and CoxHealth, Missouri
  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic and Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital, New Hampshire
  • Orange Regional Medical Center, New York
  • Mission Health System, North Carolina
  • McAllen Heart Hospital, Texas
  • Inova Alexandria Hospital, Virginia

“We’re very excited to add this distinguished list of progressive healthcare providers to our client base,” said Dr. Andrew S. Rhinehart, Chief Medical Officer of Glytec. “We’re amidst releasing 14 new studies showcasing the efficacy, safety, and financial success of our eGMS®. It’s proven results that attracted this new set of customers, evidencing the increased need for a new standard in glycemic control and diabetes management.”

About Glytec

Founded in 2006, Glytec is a rapidly growing digital heath company specializing in advanced technology for diabetes management. eGMS®, Glytec’s glycemic management information system, enables providers, payers and patients to significantly reduce the frequency, risks and costs of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. The cloud based, modular eGMS® centers on the Glucommander™ Suite of FDA-cleared, predictive dosing algorithms for IV, subcutaneous and pediatric dosing: Glucommander™ IV (FDA clearance 2006), Glucommander™ SubQ (FDA clearance 2010) and Glucommander™ Pediatrics (FDA clearance 2012). Comprehensive management of patients requiring insulin therapy is further enabled by seamless EHR integration (SmartClick) and robust analytics (Glucometrics) and surveillance (GlucoSurveillance) capabilities. The unique breadth and depth of the eGMS®* interventional clinical decision support tools allows providers to standardize its process and individualize treatment across all areas of care, and is proven to result in significant improvements in clinical and financial outcomes versus traditional methods.

*Multiple patents pending

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