eGMS® Implementation & Support

A proven process for glycemic management success

Glytec’s streamlined post-purchase process ensures all stakeholders have exactly what they need to achieve great results.

Our tried-and-true implementation process includes detailed milestones, weekly meetings and regular progress reports. We also standardized our technical integrations to make work as easy as possible for your IT team, and our cloud-based technology allows us to implement and update remotely.

Training is customized for different user groups and delivered via your own e-learning system. And unlimited 24/7/365 clinical and technical support means users always have an expert to call if they encounter issues.

Finally, we go above and beyond to help our partners achieve glycemic management success, helping with provider adoption of standard-of-care practices and in many cases even sitting on hospital glycemic management committees.

At Glytec, training and support is 100% included in the cost of your annual product fee.

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Our software can be implemented 100% remotely because it’s hosted in the cloud. We maintain secure servers according to HITRUST CSF ® requirements, and there’s no need for you to wait for an in-person visit for updates.

Whether you decide to buy Glucommander IV or Glucommander IV and SubQ, you get the entire suite of eGMS modules including GlucoSurveillance, GlucoView, GlucoMetrics and the SmartClick EHR integration.

IV implementation in your most critical departments takes as little as 8 weeks.

Week 1


  • Confirm configuration settings, EHR build plan, training strategy
  • Establish interface connectivity


  • Build and configure test environment
  • Unit testing


  • Walk through different patient workflows and ensure intergrations are functional

Go-live prep

  • Configure Production environment
  • Complete end-user training

Week 8

  • Deploy Glucommander
  • Patient treatment begins
  • Dedicated go-live support, Daily huddles

Support &


We offer a comprehensive training program that supports the initial eGMS rollout and user adoption, continual onboarding of new employees and long-term optimization.

We also help providers understand the “why” of the algorithm’s recommendations by providing analytics and case-by-case analysis during implementation.

What’s included?
Role-based training tracks for nurses, providers and pharmacists

Computer-based learning via your own LMS


Training support to customize for your workflows, order sets and EHR

Continuous education for long-term Glucommander utilization
Super-user program to ensure local Glucommander expertise
Tip sheets, pocket cards and other “just-in-time” training resources

Straightforward process for IT teams

We know your IT resources are probably overextended as it is, and we value their time. So we’ve used our past experience implementing eGMS at nearly 300 hospitals to develop a standardized process that helps IT teams integrate and deploy our software in as little as 8 weeks requiring only 40 hours of development time from 3 key roles

A dedicated Glytec Technical Project Lead will head up this portion of the project. They’ll work with your internal resources to create the integrations that drive the functionality of eGMS and be the point person for any technical questions from your team.

While we’ve performed 150+ integrations with Epic and 65+ integrations with Cerner’s EMR, Glytec’s eGMS is EMR-agnostic and can integrate with any EMR system. Glytec helps you get more out of your EHR investment without needing to add additional IT resource costs.

Secure integrations pull in patient data that Glucommander’s algorithm leverages to create personalized insulin dosing recommendations. The data also enhances user workflow by helping prevent transcription errors and the need to re-document physician orders, lab results and medicine administration.

  • ADT: Patient information like demographics, height, weight
  • LIS: Lab results like A1C, Blood glucose, Anion gap
  • Order: Insulin orders: IV, transitions, SubQ
  • MAR: confirm administered dose to Glucommander, show Glucommander dose recommendation in Flowsheet
  • Flowsheet: Charting events and notes
Who's on your team?

Glytec provides dedicated resources before, during and after implementation. Expect to develop close relationships with your Project Manager, Clinical Project Lead, Technical Project Lead, Customer Success Manager and Clinical Practice Executive.


We’re proud to offer 24/7/365 technical and clinical support.

Whether you’re looking to answer a technical question or a clinical one, you can contact Glytec support at any time via email or phone and expect a timely response and quick resolution.

We’ll also keep you constantly in the loop about downtime, patches and updates.

Unlimited, on-demand support is 100% included in the annual licensing fee.

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