Nausheen Moulana

Nausheen Moulana

In by Alexa Driscoll

Robby Booth


Chief Technology Officer 

Nausheen Moulana serves as Glytec’s Chief Technology Officer. With over 25 years of engineering and operations experience, she possesses a deep understanding of developing complex software products and driving process improvement to maximize customer value. She is a highly accomplished technologist with experience in the healthcare, enterprise technology and scientific computing sectors. Prior to joining Glytec, Nausheen served as Vice President of Engineering & Operations at Kyruus, the leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for health systems. While at Kyruus, Nausheen led multiple teams tasked with delivering multi-channel patient access solutions. Earlier in her career, she held leadership positions at Attivio (since acquired by ServiceNow) and MathWorks. Nausheen earned a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and a Master of Business Administration from Babson College. Known for her mentorship approach to leadership and advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion, Nausheen is also a startup advisor, speaker and host for several technical and talent events.