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Glytec eGlycemic Management System Overview & Demo

1:00 PM EDT  |  Virtual
30 Minutes
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Register to learn how Glytec’s eGlycemic Management System® (eGMS) is revolutionizing glycemic management by uniting teams around patient safety.

Glytec’s eGMS is an EHR-integrated, cloud-based software solution that supports safe and effective glycemic management and insulin dosing.

eGMS offers personalized insulin dosing decision support at the point of care. Unlike paper protocols, sliding scale methods and digital insulin calculators, eGMS uses an evidence-based, FDA-cleared algorithm, Glucommander™. Glucommander leverages real-time and historical data to personalize insulin dosing by learning each patient’s insulin sensitivity and anticipating future need.

The result? Patients experiencing glycemic management challenges get into target range faster, stay within tighter parameters and experience fewer insulin-related adverse drug events than patients treated with other protocols.

In addition to dosing support, eGMS offers tools for providers, nurses, pharmacists, CDCESs, hospital leadership and others to optimize insulin management.

Join us to see how Glytec’s eGMS can ensure best practice for your insulin-requiring patients.

Ed James
Regional Vice President
Jonda Dawson, RN, CDCES
Clinical Partner Solutions Manager
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