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Introducing the Inaugural Glytec Champion and Partner Award Winners

We started our journey at Glytec nearly 18 years ago with a mission to improve the lives of hospitalized patients through optimized insulin management. We developed our eGlycemic Management System because of the urgent need for better diabetes care and have been on a mission ever since to establish Glucommander as the standard of care across the country. It’s been incredible to see our community of users grow and the positive impact we’ve had on millions of patients for nearly two decades.

At our third-annual Time to Target virtual conference, we were proud to unveil a new initiative to recognize some of the most extraordinary work and progress occurring at the 300-plus hospitals and health systems we’re fortunate to call our customers and partners. Our inaugural Glytec Champion and Partner Awards honor an impressive group of individuals and institutions across six categories. Here are the 2023 award winners, who are at the forefront of driving transformative change with inpatient glycemic management improvement efforts and patient safety initiatives across the country. 

2023 Glytec Optimization Award: Kettering Health Network

kettering-health-logoA multi-hospital health system in Ohio, Kettering Health implemented Glucommander IV in 2021 and launched Glucommander SubQ system-wide last year. The leadership team at Kettering took a systematic approach to Glucommander SubQ utilization, engaging every discipline that has a role in glycemic management and leveraging their glycemic data from GlucoMetrics to help drive adoption of Glucommander SubQ one facility at a time. In the past nine months, the staff at Kettering has consistently increased SubQ utilization, documented extremely low rates of both hypo- and hyperglycemia, and discharged patients treated with Glucommander with well controlled glucose.

2023 Glytec Outcomes Award: Meritus Health

meritus-healthMeritus Health, western Maryland’s largest healthcare provider, has been a valued Glytec customer for more than a decade. The team at Meritus started out with our first-generation product and has been with Glytec as both our company and solutions have evolved and grown. Over the past year, Meritus has achieved a remarkable zero episodes of severe hypoglycemia (< 40mg/dL and < 54mg/dL) and their rates of hypoglycemia (< 70mg/dL) is at 2.2% patient days, which ranks in our top performing quartile.


2023 Glytec Standardization Award: AdventHealth

AdventHealth-logoAdventHealth is a multi-state hospital system consisting of more than 50 facilities across nine states. AdventHealth has a highly engaged corporate glycemic collaborative with representation from each of its facilities, and this team works diligently to ensure these sites have implemented standardized glycemic management best practices. Additionally, AdventHealth has established a Glucommander subcommittee that is dedicated to promoting its use as the standard of care for IV insulin infusion across the entire system.

2023 Glytec Collaborator Award:
Marie Osborne, SUNY Upstate Medical University Hospital

Marie_Osborne-1Marie Osborne is the IT Program Manager at SUNY Upstate Medical University Hospital. In this role, she has led the hospital’s Glucommander SubQ expansion project and been instrumental in addressing any barriers to implementation and utilization. Marie has proven her willingness to go above and beyond to help anyone in the project. For example, she assisted with additional testing needed to improve the user experience for nurses accessing Glucommander at SUNY Upstate Medical University Hospital, supported staff education throughout the hospital, conducted rounds with the Glytec staff and has become a Glucommander expert.


2023 Glytec Thoughtfulness Award:
Christina Averbeck, Sarasota Memorial Health Care System

Christina_Averbeck-1Christina Averbeck is the inpatient diabetes care and education specialist at Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. A staunch supporter of inpatient glycemic management, Christina spearheaded the implementation and roll out of Glucommander at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. She drives the glycemic management initiatives, and her dedication, professionalism, and thoughtfulness make her a true champion. Christina calmly, cordially, and collaboratively deploys solutions and strategies that enable providers and nursing staff to comply with best practices while empowering them to perform at their best.


2023 Friend of Glytec Award:
Barbara McLean, Grady Memorial Hospital

Barbara_McLean-1Barbara McLean is an intensive care clinical nurse specialist at Grady Memorial Hospital and a fierce advocate for critical care education. At Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta, Barbara has taught hundreds of providers, nurses, and pharmacists how to achieve glycemic control safely in critical care areas with Glucommander IV. She has educated in classrooms, mentored on various units, and even taken to Zoom to advocate for her patients, nurses and her hospital. Barbara has partnered with Glytec as a speaker, served as a reference for numerous health systems across the country looking to improve their glycemic management and participated in Glucommander research studies to help drive best practices. Glytec is grateful for all the work she has done to support our customers, partners, and most importantly, the patients we serve.

On behalf of the entire team at Glytec, we’d like to congratulate this year’s Glytec Champion and Partner Award honorees. The awards ceremony, along with all content from the third-annual Time to Target virtual conference, is available on demand here.

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