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Glytec’s Chief Medical Officer Selected as Becker’s Healthcare Top Patient Safety Expert

Each year, Becker’s Healthcare recognizes the medical community’s top patient safety experts. The clinicians, researchers and healthcare experts highlighted are fierce advocates for safety and prioritize improving patient care in every facet of their professional careers. This year, we're incredibly proud to see  Glytec represented on such a prestigious list – our Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Jordan Messler was recognized as one of the 26 patient safety experts to know in 2022.

Dr. Messler encapsulates Glytec’s patient-first focus in every initiative he leads at our company. We’re honored to have him at the helm of our clinical team, driving continuous improvement initiatives and supporting the delivery, customer, quality, and regulatory teams to ensure ethical and safe glycemic management best practices. Dr. Messler is also a champion of product innovation and works closely with our product and clinical teams enhancing our software and being the patient safety and physician advocate at various steps of development. 

As the National Committee Chair for the SMH Quality and Patient Safety Forum, frequent peer-reviewed contributor, and regular hospital and industry lecturer, it's easy to see why Becker's added Dr. Messler to the 2022-2023 list.  

But it's what Dr. Messler does day in and out for our teammates, partners and customers that makes his work so impactful. Hear what some of his colleagues and our customers have to say: 

  • “This is a well-deserved recognition for Dr. Messler who is passionate about patient safety and glycemic management standardization and optimization. As Chief Medical Officer, his leadership approach has ensured patient safety is a top priority in all we do at Glytec.” -Hannah Day, Director of Clinical Practice at Glytec
  • When describing the level of support Dr. Messler has provided to our customer AdventHealth, “Dr. Messler has been by my side, trying to analyze our metrics with me. He has spoken to various physicians in my hospital. He has gone around the hospital… and Dr. Messler remains very active in our glycemic collaborative." - Carmen Estrada-Anderson, RN, CDCES at AdventHealth
  • “Thrilled that Dr. Messler is being recognized as a top Patient Safety expert. It is a pleasure to work alongside and learn from his perspective and experience. His passion and guidance are core to his work at Glytec and with our customer partners. I am sure he brings the same care to his patient interactions in his role as a hospitalist. Great recognition of a truly thoughtful person. Congratulations, Dr. Messler!” - Casey Tracy, Vice President of Customer Management at Glytec
  • “Patient safety is our top priority at Glytec. The recognition bestowed on Dr. Messler demonstrates our commitment to patients and their safety. Congratulations Dr. Messler, the honor is well deserved! It is a pleasure to collaborate with you on improving glycemic management across the continuum of care.” -  Betsy Kubacka, MSN, AGPCNP-BC, RDN, CDCES, VP, Clinical Partner Solutions at Glytec
  • “This recognition is not a surprise to those who work with Dr. Messler. As chief medical officer at Glytec, Dr. Messler fosters an environment of open communication regarding patient safety. With Dr. Messler’s approachable manner and desire for quality, he is an incredible asset and resource to our clinical team members.” -  Lori Weiss, BSN, RN, CDCES, Director of Clinical Project Leads at Glytec
  • "It's no surprise to see Dr. Messler recognized as a top patient safety expert. Patient safety is a key component of his work as Glytec CMO. His thoughtful, process-oriented, evidenced-based approach has not only benefited the Glytec clinical teams but many clinicians and hospitals around the country." - Dave Cooper, BSN, RN, Senior Director of Clinical Customer Success at Glytec

As highlighted by his colleagues, Dr. Messler is a key resource to us at Glytec, our customer partners, and leads by example with his approach to patient safety. Hear about inpatient best practices and our patient-centric philosophy around glycemic management directly from Dr. Messler and his co-presenter, the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Medical Director of Diabetes and Endocrinology Center, Dr. Andjela Drincic here.

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